Monday, October 6, 2014

Fallen Fourth Down by Tijan

My mother tried to destroy me. She doesn’t exist to me anymore and my father, the one who raised me and the biological one, are both works in progress. The only two people that I can trust are Mason and Logan, and they’re the two people who I could lose. It won’t happen. I won’t let it. No matter the truth, no matter who loves me, I won’t let anything or anyone come between us.
They’re my world. They’re my life.
They’re my family


It seems like I am focused on two things, outside of family and my daughter's ever growing activities schedule, during the months of September through November. Both have to deal with football! Reading stories about football and playing in the libraries fantasy football league. 

Football and fall equals book reading for me. I LOVE football stories. Especially in the YA and NA world. This was how I first found Tijan. Some random search on if you like this, try that. I've been a fan ever since. Well more like crazy fangirl.

This story takes place during Sam and Logan's senior year. To me it was the perfect timing considering football season is also happening right now in the real world along with cross country and all that makes fall a wonderful season. It felt timely and at present of what's happening in the world.

The separating of the fearsome threesome was tough but needed. The change from high school to college is one of the toughest and biggest jumps we make from young adults to new adults. Mason needed to go to college for his relationships to grow but also for Sam and Logan to grow on their own. The duel POV's and image shots of text messages between Mason and Sam helped bridge the gap between the two worlds and made you feel that even though they were apart they were still present in each other's lives. 

If you read the last book, you'll remember the bomb that was dropped on Tate at the end. It stays with her for most of the book. Why wouldn't it? She knows that Mason and Logan have an unbreakable bond and doesn't want to come between that for fear of losing them both. I never questioned Sam on that point. Especially with Tate's history and the two boys. Sam had a lot to lose and thought about it throughout the book. Very natural when your boyfriend goes off to college and is a stud muffin in football.

What I have heard about book three is some people were disappointed in Sam and how she was acting/reacting. I mean, you get a beat down that places you in the hospital, who wouldn't be changed by that? We get to read about this change throughout the book. She's stronger and has more self confidence about herself and where she's at in life. More importantly, she comes back into her old self. The strong girl who knows she needs to stand beside Mason and not behind him.   I loved seeing her stand up for herself on Marissa and even being able to admit her greatest fears to Mason. Both are a important part of her character growth and strength.

Finally, the new bromance between Logan and Mark. LOVE it! Those two were like rays of sunshine in a book that deals in changing relationships and times. I so want to read more about those two. Maybe we will. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll room together at college and that will be the sixth book that focuses on Logan. Fingers crossed over here!

If you haven't give Tijan a chance, do so now! Few writers are on my to buy list and Tijan is one of them. I love her writing and way of portraying strong female characters and Fallen Crest High is my favorite of her series. Check out Fallen Crest High to start with, the first in the series. We have the whole set at our local library (if you live close to New Ulm or are in the state of MN).

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