Friday, November 28, 2014

Free books for everyone!

While working last week, a patron at the library commented on how they were surprised we weren't open on Thanksgiving. It made me laugh a little. I told him that our Black Friday sale was starting on Thursday at 6 pm, free books and movies for everyone…with a library card. The funny thing is, they're free everyday. Your local library is open most days and you can have access to popular books and movie for free, until you're late. Then we charge a little fee each day.

So, while shopping for the holidays this year, and you're looking to save money somewhere, think about getting your own free library card to have access to thousands of books, movies, magazines, video games, and even in my state cake pans!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Goodreads Reading Challenge

I'm taking a moment to celebrate the reading challenge. I completed my goal of reading 160 books with a month to spare. And only 10 of those books were children's books I have read to my daughter (a very small amount to how many books we read to her).

So, I'm going out to celebrate with some ice cream and of course a good book!

Happy reading everyone.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mini-book Review - New Adult

While away from blogging I used by down time to read. Here's the first of my mini-updates, this one focusing on New Adult.

Sweet Filthy Morning After (Wild Seasons #1.5)
by Christina Lauren
This audio exclusive short tells of events from Sweet Filthy Boy from a new perspective.

Three words to describe this for you, "Hot French accent!" After listening to this novella, I so want a book from Ansel's POV. I understand why we didn't get his POV to begin with, the big secret would have been revealed. However, after hearing his thoughts on Mia, I would love to learn more from his POV.

Lick  (Stage Dive #1)
by Kylie Scott
Waking up in Vegas was never meant to be like this.

Evelyn Thomas's plans for celebrating her twenty-first birthday in Las Vegas were big. Huge. But she sure never meant to wake up on the bathroom floor with a hangover to rival the black plague, a very attractive half-naked tattooed man in her room, and a diamond on her finger large enough to scare King Kong. Now if she could just remember how it all happened.

One thing is certain, being married to one of the hottest rock stars on the planet is sure to be a wild ride.
This book was recommended to me and then someone asked to place it on hold. Honestly, I thought, *rolls eyes* another rock and roll story. Our library system didn't have it in stock so I went out and bought it with the idea of donating it to my library for their collection.

I was so wrong for the eye roll. This book was amazing. I loved Evelyn and David each as individuals and as a couple throughout the whole book. Sure they made their mistakes and had mess-ups but it was a fun, sexy read.

In our NA book group, we talk about the best friend in the books. This book had two awesome best friends. Lauren for Evelyn and Mal for David. They added such debt and fun to the book. I couldn't wait to read about Mal so I went and picked up Play to read and donate to the library.

We now have Lick, Play, and Lead just arrived yesterday. It was very tough not to walk off with that book before it was cataloged.

by Emily Snow
My name is Lizzie Connelly, and I have it all. The gorgeous apartment. The new job most women would rip out their own souls for—working for Margaret Emerson at Emerson & Taylor. I have one of those lives you’ve always dreamt about, the kind you only see on HBO. But, the thing is, that life is a lie. A fa├žade.

It all started with one call. “Everything you know about your story—your father’s story—is a lie. It’s up to you to uncover everything.” One call, and I turned my world upside down to dig my way into Margaret’s life—the woman who I’d never laid eyes on until recently. My stepmother who took everything after my father died fourteen years ago.

The plan was simple—figure out what role she played in my father’s death and expose her to the world.

But here’s another thing: simplicity doesn’t exist, and my plans are flawed from the beginning because I never anticipated Oliver. Sexy, too smart for his own goddamn good, and infuriating, he’s the one person who could blow my plans to uncover Margaret. She’s his mother, and in another life, that would have made him my stepbrother.

I want to pretend that none of that matters, that I can simply finish what I came to do without sparing him a second glance and another thought.

Like I said, though, there’s no such thing as simplicity.

My real name is Gemma Emerson.

And this is my story.

I honestly believe I could read a grocery written by Snow and LOVE it. This story had multiple layers with one hot book boyfriend, Oliver. Imagine having the world and then losing everything. That includes family, home, and money to support. Lizzie didn't question it until she got a phone call that changed everything. Here's another book that has a great best friend and an amazing plot that keeps the twists coming to the end. Don't skip ahead on this one, you won't want to ruin the full plot twists.

COMPLETED: a Devoured novella
By Emily Snow

This awesome novella is being released every few days and is based in the Devoured universe with Ceanna and Lucas. I love that we get to read more about them and see the drama llama come to town.

This one is free and can be read here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Please, no jazz hands

Wow! It's been a while since I posted. October, November, and December are busy months in the music world for me. I play string bass and seem to be playing every where this fall/winter. First I was called out to play with a regional orchestra about two hours from home. Lots of book on CD listening while making the drives. Then there was Music Man..."We got trouble with a capital T". This included weeks of practice and then three performances. Finally, I have a Christmas concert for the Suzuki School that I teach at. I'm so excited to see my daughter play her violin and my students on bass rock out on their songs as well.

While doing all of the musical activities I've also been reading up a storm but fell off on posting about what I'm reading. I'll post some mini-blogs over the next week or two to catch you up on some great books that are out there.

Here's the first of many that I read. Most of you are adult readers but I couldn't resist posting this one up for our kids...Ninja Bunny by Jennifer Olson.

A fresh, funny, and hip picture book about a little bunny who wants to be…a ninja!

· Rule #1. You must always work alone.
· Rule #2. You must be super sneaky, especially in the most dangerous of situations.
· Rule #3. A super awesome ninja must: possess incredible strength, achieve invisibility, master the skill of climbing, gain the ability to fly….

Our little bunny is ready to embark on his path to becoming a ninja. But is he cut out for the ninja life? Especially if it means leaving his friends behind?

We're going through a bit of a Ninja phase in our house, which I welcome with open arms (if it helps get us out of the princess phase, I'm all for it). So when I saw this book available for an ARC read, I had to apply for it. Super cute cover with Ninja Bunnies. Really, where could you go wrong?
The book gives you rules from one bunnies perspective on what it takes to become a Ninja. And this bunny thinks that it needs to be done all alone. That is until faced with a bear. Then he/she learns the meaning of team work.
I loved this book for the good message it gives children and also for the amazing illustrations. There was great layout and design to the whole book. After reading it, I begged our Children's Liberian to get the book for our collection.

We'll have this awesome book in our collection starting in June when it becomes available to the public. Make sure to check your library for a copy to take out in the summer months.