Monday, December 1, 2014

Tijan Blog Hop

Welcome to the Tijan Blog Hop! I was so supper excited to have the opportunity to be apart of this hop-along.

As some of you might know, I'm a fangirl of Tijan and the Fallen Crest High series. I just love these characters and especially Sam, one of the stronger female characters being written in the NA/YA universe. If you haven't had the chance to read this series, it's now free at, click here to download your copy.

For a full list of books by Tijan, click here. Finally, make sure to check out her Facebook page because she offers a ton of extras in her book series. Everything from interviews with the characters, to sneak peeks to upcoming books, and even extra scenes from our favorite books and characters.

If you're wondering what's happening with the hop-along, stop by to read the first part of this story.

Here's the next installment of the story…

(Flashback continued)

Her eyebrows went up and her smirk dropped. “You’re in high school?”

He nodded, his smirk widening.

She looked at Mason. “You too?”

Mason didn’t answer her. He spoke over her head to the guy again, “What are you going to do?”
The guy wanted to fight. That was obvious. At hearing that Logan was still in high school, a keen note appeared in his gaze, but he met his leader’s gaze. Seeing him shake his head, he let out a deep breath and turned. Shoving his way through the crowd, he heard him bark out, “Move!”

When he was gone, the girl sighed. “I can’t believe you’re in high school.”

Logan laughed. “If I didn’t have a girlfriend, I’d be all about it. I like college cougars.”

She tipped her head back and a laugh rippled from her. Then she shook her head, and glanced to her friend. “Alex, can we bounce before I sharpen my cougar claws on this one? You know me. I tend to forget who has girlfriends and who don’t.”

“Sure.” Alex tipped her head back again and raised her lips. Her boyfriend dropped a kiss there and when she moved away, he slapped her on the ass. She glanced back, a secretive smile on her face, but her and her two friends moved towards the front door.

As they did, the blonde muttered under her breath to Logan, close enough from me to hear, “High school or not. You’re a hot one, buddy.”

“Buddy?” Logan smirked at her, but the girls moved out of earshot, disappearing through the door. He saw me and winked. “See that sister dear? I got the college cougars all over me already. I might have to be single going into Cain U next year.”

I gave him a small grin, but I was still tense. He’d been restless. When he threw out that challenge, I hadn’t been surprised. Logan wanted to fight. He’d been spoiling for one for a while. When he looked away, my gaze lingered on him. He had a carefree smile on his face, but his eyes were dark. He was hungry still.

Mason saw my frown and asked, “You okay?” He leaned close so no one could hear.
I nodded, but let out a sigh. Logan was going to be trouble. I could feel it. I just didn’t know what he was going to do.

“Shit.” Another guy who stood next to Jesse Hunt grunted. “I thought we were going to have a battle royale here. Monson, you know how to pick your friends.”

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Happy blog-hopping!

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