Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blitzing Emily by Julie Brannagh

Blitzing Emily (Love and Football, #1)
"All's fair in Love and Football...Emily Hamilton doesn't trust men. She's much more comfortable playing the romantic lead in front of a packed house onstage than in her own life. So when NFL star and alluring ladies' man Brandon McKenna acts as her personal white knight, she has no illusions that he'll stick around. However, a misunderstanding with the press throws them together in a fake engagement that yields unexpected (and breathtaking) benefits.

Every time Brandon calls her "Sugar," Emily almost believes he's playing for keeps—not just to score. Can she let down her defenses and get her own happily ever after?" (Description from

Blitzing Emily is a very sweet story of a football player meeting an opera singer. By now, you must know my weakness for football novels. I'm always willing to give it a chance when you mention love and football. I discovered this book through Bookbub which is an email I receive every day advertising books that are free or under two dollars. I clicked my free preview from Amazon and fell in love with the book almost immediately. Of course, that was after I discovered the female lead character is an opera singer, another activity that I love!

Blitzing Emily is told from both Emily and Brandon's POV. It's a sweet romance with a little bit of sexy thrown in. Emily literally falls into Brandon's life by happenstance and a little thing called Valentines Day balloons. The beginning of the relationship is by chance and a mix-up at the hospital. They soon discover the benefits of having a significant other through the media. This book could have gone the zanny way of silliness galore. Lucky for me it didn't and this is why I will say it's such a sweet novel. We get to see a nice slow progression of the relationship develop. Most times in stories people meet and fall in love right away and then faced with drama nonstop. This story gives you more of a feel of the real world when it comes to falling in love. Give and take with lots of little moments to just discover each other.

The conflict of the book was a little fist shaking for me. I would have loved to get more closure on the person who cause problems. More of a follow-up from Brandon's POV stating what happened to her or what happened in general outside of what Emily learns. Lucky for us, there is a second book in the series about Amy, Emily's sister. 

I would recommend this book to those who are looking for a nice light read with romance. Of course there's conflict and a little drama but this is a read that might keep you warm on these crazy cold winter nights.

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