Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gnome for the Win!

It's hard not to get excited as we finished this gnome to book project. It was so much fun creating 34 gnomes to match the books that will be offered on World Book Night. Our gnomes are now up and being showcased at the New Ulm Public Library. The library is also hosting a contest to see who can match the most gnomes to books for a prize. In celebration of that, I'll giveaway one book to the person who can correctly identify 10 gnomes to books on the board below. 

I made sure to include closeups of all of the gnomes to help you with your guesses. Make sure to use number and book name. Ie. #22 the Ruins of Gorlan (22 doesn't count for your guess ;) Shipping to US included with book giveaway.) Leave you guesses in the comments below and the first person to identify 10 correct will win!

For closeups of the books being offered by World Book Night and to compare them to the gnomes, click this link:

Happy gnome matching for the win!


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