Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Miss Darcy Falls in Love by Sharon Lathan

"The choice of a lifetime...

One young lady following her passion for music. Two strong men locked in a bitter rivalry for her heart. A journey of self-discover, and a trap of her own making. Georgiana Darcy is going to have to carve out her own destiny, however ill-equipped she may feel.

Noble young ladies were expected to play an instrument, but Georgiana Darcy is an accomplished musician who hungers to pursue her talents. She embarks upon a tour of Europe, ending in Paris where two very different men will ignite her heart in entirely different ways and begin a bitter rivalry to win her. But only one holds the key to her happiness.

Set in post-Napoleonic Empire France, Miss Darcy Falls in Love is a riveting love story that enters a world of passion where gentlemen know exactly how to please and a young woman learns to direct her destiny and understand her heart.

Miss Darcy Falls in Love was selected as a World Book Night US 2014 title." (Description from Goodreads.com)


While working on my many gnomes for World Book Night, I discovered this book. It's easy to say I'm a fan of Pride and Prejudice. Colin Furth swimming in the lake? Classic! I'm proud to say a friend made me read the novel first before watching the BBC mini-series...which still ranks epic on my movie viewings. I was always a huge fan of Elizabeth, a strong female who didn't swoon on first sighting of Darcy because he had lots of money. She wanted more than a comfortable marriage. I loved that!

 When I saw this book title, I wondered how the author scripted Miss Darcy's future. I have read another book that had done so and I loved it. So while first reading this book, I kept picture the other book that I read. That and a book called Devil's Bride also set in the 1800's and a lot more sexy.

After two chapters, I was able to place aside my other readings and really get into the rhythm and cadence of the book which was beautifully written. We begin readying while Miss Darcy is on her European travels and is now in France going to balls, making friends and enjoying life. 

In this book Miss Darcy is very much in love with music and active in her playing. You could feel her struggle throughout the story between her love of music and what was expected of her...marriage, babies, and helping with the house. How could one be a mother and continue to write music? This is a minor theme but really hit home for me. 

There is a constast between two of her suitors on this point. One is pushing her to become more and study at the famed school. The other thinks women don't have time beyond being able to entertain. From there she has to decide about her feelings. Friendship, lover, just a strike of lightning? 

The story comes together and also gives us a after they agree to marriage look. We get to see snippets of the wedding and a peek into life a few years out. I really liked this part of the book. Most times we get the falls in love, marriage and that's it. I liked seeing what happened after the marriage. Umm, which I should admit, was a little steamy. Nothing graphic but Lathan does get much more descriptive than the original! 

This was a great pick for the 2014 World Book Night and a great read for the Darcy fans out there.

And for fun, here's the gnome I created for Miss Darcy Falls in Love


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