Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Flower Power! (DC Super Friends) by Courtney Carbone, Dan Schoening (Illustrations)

Girl—and flower—power! Wonder Woman and Batgirl team up to stop Poison Ivy in their first-ever action-packed Little Golden Book. Girls ages 2 to 5 will love this all-new Little Golden Book featuring the female superheroes of the DC Super Friends.


We're going through a super hero phase in our house. More specifically, a female super hero phase. Which let me tell you is much better than the "I'm only going to wear pink" phase that lasted 2 years or the "No pants just dresses" phase that we're still in. So, when E found Flower Power by Little Golden Book we were more than willing to buy it. 

I've always been a fan of Little Golden Books as well. I remember my own Golden Books as a kid and E was gifted her first one as a toddler...Pokey the Puppy. For me, what makes these books so special is the format they're presented in. A good story with great illustration that kids won't get tired of reading or watching. I also love how Golden Books seems to fit their own format when it comes to illustration. Even though we all know what Dumbo looks like from the movies, he's special and stylized in the Golden Book version. The same goes with the super girls in Flower Power.

Wonder Woman and Batgirl to the rescue against Poison Ivy and the meteorite that has special powers to make plants grown sinister. We have the typical corny super hero humor and phrases used. But we also have great words for kids to ask questions about what they mean: tendrils, meteorite, slithering, uprooted, and shattering. These higher level words made it exciting for me to read this book so I could ask E, "do you know what tendrils means?". 

Let's not forget the girl power in this too. No one super hero boy is present. It's all about team work and girl power. Something I want my little one to embrace as a girl. So, if you've gone through the "I love princesses to no end" phase at your house too, try reading Flower Power for some super hero girl power storytelling.

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