Saturday, July 19, 2014

For All Time by Jude Deveraux


New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux returns to the ruggedly magnificent island in For All Time, the second novel in her Nantucket Brides trilogy—this time featuring the next generation of her beloved family of Montgomery-Taggerts.

The wedding of Alix Madsen and Jared Montgomery is a glorious affair at an elegant little chapel in the woods, followed by dinner and dancing, all while moonlight blankets the festivities in a romantic glow. While most guests are fixed on the happy couple, Jared’s cousin Graydon can’t look away from a bridesmaid, Toby Wyndam. It’s not just her quiet beauty that enthralls him or the way she makes him laugh. Toby possesses the truly remarkable ability of being able to distinguish Graydon from his identical twin brother, Rory. According to family legend, such a gift marks her as Graydon’s True Love.

When people around town saw me calling For All Time around, they were surprised. I think they're used to seeing me with a book that has a half naked man on it or some wild YA fantasy novel. However, they usually don't see me with a thick traditional Fiction novel.
When True Love, the first in this series came out, I saw it come through the library a lot. I wondered what made people love Jude Deveraux and her stories. So, I read the summary and decided to give it a try. What surprised me was that even through I felt I needed a family flow chart and timeline to remember certain pointers I actually really loved the story and characters.
The second book centers around one character we already met, Toby and a new character from the Montgomery clan Graydon. Of course Graydon has a twin we met at the end of True Love who really rubbed Toby the wrong way. I just loved how Graydon comes in at the end and tries to smooth things over, pretending to be his brother. What shocks Graydon is Toby can tell the two apart.

And that is exactly where the book starts off, at the wedding scene ad Graydon is to walk Toby down the aisle. Toby of course is not happy about it and Graydon can't keep his eyes off of her. Now, from reading True Love you might think Toby is quite as a mouse. While thoughtful in her reactions to people, it doesn't stop her from standing up to Graydon. Something that is very rare since he's a price. What comes next is equal to something you might have seen in the Parent Trap, the twins switching places so Graydon can enjoy a week off from duties.

While Graydon is pretending to be his brother, he begins to develop a friendship with Toby. What I really liked about the book (books really) is the supernatural that is wrapped into the story. A house that brings them back in time to help change the past and give people a future. Learning more about past characters and how the related to the people you have met in the present. And of course, the love the is seen between the two main characters and how the really come to be from past and present.
I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good love story with a splash of supernatural. My only complaint was that I wanted to read more about the characters we met in True Love. I think that speaks to how much I liked the first story and wanting to read more about my favorite characters and not to something missing in the writing.

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