Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fallen Crest Public by Tijan

"Sam’s first day at Fallen Crest Public doesn’t go well. Some girls want to be her. Some girls want to destroy her. And some just don’t like her. All in all, despite being protected by Mason and Logan, it’s still only the strong survive. Sam will not only have to survive, she needs to learn how to conquer too, but there’s another battle growing. Things are about to come to a disastrous end between the towns, Roussou and Fallen Crest. Sam’s other main dilemma? Keeping Mason and Logan from getting arrested or hospitalized." (Description from Goodreads.com)

What can I say? Put a book in front of me with some kind of football in it and I’m going to read it. I actually think that’s how I first found the series. Football + High School in Amazon.com search.
Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of Tijan. I started first with Fallen Crest High and LOVED it from the start. Sam is a strong female lead and I do mean strong. Life can and does get to her but she doesn’t let it show to the outside world. I love the “let the world be damned” attitude. I want more books like that. Not girls fretting over not dressing right or will I get the boy.

I’m afraid to go into any description on book three for fear I’ll give everything away. But here are a couple of thoughts…
1. You’ll have two POV’s (point of views) in this book. Sam and Mason give you viewpoints as the story develops. I fell in love with Mason in this book. I always loved him as a character and partner for Sam but his POV just wowed me. Especially the statement he made to David. You’ll know which one when you read it!

2. I feel this books gives a very real viewpoint of what bullying is like in 2014. I feel every parents should read it just for that. It blew my mind what happened. Mean girls were beyond my knowledge of how far someone could and would go. This is coming from someone who experience bullying. It also shows you how administration can have their hands tied when it comes to mean girls. 

3. I loved the fearsome threesome. I loved that they’re not considered a traditional family but stick together and by each other. Moving house to house and place to place as a unit. Each trying to protect the other.  

4. Finally, I loved how Tijan doesn’t create drama to create drama. She doesn’t throw something in to move the story forward. How many times have you read someone getting in a silly situation and a misunderstanding happens. Then you spend chapters and chapters banging you head against the wall while shaking your fist. Seriously?! Not so here. Drama happens but communication happens as well. 

Oh and did I forget to mention the sexy? There is some sexy to the book. Not 50 Shades sexy or even Beautiful Bastard but still there was some nice sexy to it. 

This is the third book in the series. If you haven’t read Tijan yet. Start first with Fallen Crest High. We have the series at our local library (New Ulm Public Library).

As a side note, I wanted to mention that I decided not to post book reviews of books that I don’t like. Honestly, if I don’t like a book, I stop reading it. Life’s too short to waste on a book that I don’t want to or can’t read. I also don’t want to come off as a mean girl while reviewing something I didn’t like. Just because one book isn’t my cup of tea doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t love it. So with that in mind, know that if I’m raving about a book here, I’m also raving about it at work as well.

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