Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sizzle by Jule Garwood

"Lyra Prescott, a Los Angeles film student, is closing in on graduation and dives into work on her final filmmaking assignment: a documentary transformed by a twist of fate into a real-life horror film. While working on her project, a rash of mysterious incidents convince Lyra that she’s trapped in a sinister scenario headed for a violent ending. Running scared, she turns to her best friend, Sidney Buchanan, whose connections bring devilishly handsome FBI agent Sam Kincaid into Lyra’s life. As the noose of intrigue tightens, the passion between Lyra and Sam escalates with dangerous intensity. With the rugged FBI agent beside her, Lyra must learn to let down her defenses and follow her heart—even if that leads to deadly peril." Description from Amazon.com

Sizzle is a part of the Buchanan-Renard series by Jullie Garwood. Garwood is the author I go to when I’m in a book low or book hangover. You know what I’m talking about. The “what on earth am I going to read after that” or the “every book I read feels the same” low. I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I have read these book out of order. I started with Hotshot (2013) and then moved from there. Each book is a little sexy with mystery and suspense but in the best possible way. If you read them in order, you’ll get to see how characters are doing from previous books. My out-of-order reading has made things a little fun and confusing. Fun because I’m realize I get to see how certain characters met and developed relationships.

So, Sizzle starts right where the description says. Sam is giving a lecture series and Lyra is at film school. From there is develops in twists and turns. To be honest, I though Garwood was going to take it in one directions but pulled the rug from me. I love when that happens. You think you have the plot down and know who’s causing the trouble and in the end are wrong. I love the surprise of not guessing right.

If you haven’t tried Garwood yet, I would invite you to do so. She’s a great writer for the fiction world. I know she’s popular among maybe readers of different genre’s. And, hey, hot FBI guys. Where can you go wrong?

You can view Garwood’s book order at this great site: Fantastic Fiction. That is if you wanted to read her in order.

Happy reading!

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